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Suggested routes

Tamar River Region

From Launceston Airport or City Centre, follow the bright blue and yellow Wine Route signs on the east or west side of the Tamar River. The Batman Bridge – distinguishable as the first cable-stayed bridge in Australia, is about 38 kilometres downstream from Launceston. You can cross here to traverse both sides of the valley.


Situated to the south of the city and closest to Launceston Airport, this area is distinguished by dramatic hillsides offering spectacular views of mountains and fertile farms. If travelling by vehicle, follow the main highway south and the bright blue and yellow Wine Route signs. You can loop around the Relbia area and return to the main highway.

Pipers River

Located to the north east of the Tamar Valley, this fertile area hugs the shore of Bass Strait and laps up the cleansing ocean breezes on its highest hills. Pipers River is easily located from either the east or west Tamar highways. Just follow the blue and yellow Wine Route signs and look out for Mt Direction – it always shows the way!

Follow the yellow and blue signs to discover more than thirty cellar doors spread over 170km around the Tamar Valley